10 Japanese Ecommerce Websites to Inspire You

Japanese shoppers

How to design your Japanese online store and start selling on the web? Here are 10 Japanese ecommerce websites to inspire you!


The Japanese online shopping market is different than the Chinese market. For example, in China, there are hundreds if not thousands of ecommerce websites in English that sell both in China and worldwide.

In Japan, most ecommerce websites are dedicated to Japanese shoppers and their needs. Most sites are written in Japanese and usually don’t have an English version.

If you are wondering how to design your Japanese online store or what to sell to Japanese shoppers, here are 10 Japanese ecommerce websites to inspire you:

  1. Daiso Japan: This is a typical colorful Japanese website selling food, kitchen, and lifestyle items.
  2. Japan Trend Shop: This is an example of a Japanese store focusing on international markets. The prices as you can see are written in dollars. The number of items is limited to 4000 products.
  3. Jshoppers.com: This is a popular website for clothing for women, men, children, and babies. The payment systems offered are Credit Cards, AliPay, and PayPal.
  4. Tenso: This ecommerce website tends to be the cheapest online store on the market. They also have many shipping options and quality support.
  5. BuySmartJapan: This store ships and delivers to over 120 countries worldwide. What’s interesting about this site is that they have a price comparison service. You can also use multiple payment systems such as AliPay, PayPal, and CC. The website is written in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.
  6. Japan-shop.com: This is an online store selling Japanese products and services for people living outside Japan. It is not a fancy website however it is an old one, selling to Japanese customers since 1996.
  7. Akazuki: This store sells Japanese items for bento, sushi, and tea. They ship everywhere.
  8. Hoyoyo: This online store is for bags, apparel, electronics, auto parts, toys, home & garden, and watches.
  9. Uniqlo: This store sells women, men, and kids apparel. The site has a professional design, with an easy access to information about delivery, product return, and etc.
  10.  Zenmarket: A modern and clean website. They offer services for Japanese versions of Rakuten, Yahoo Auctions, and Amazon. You can find some interesting deals here.

Check out these Japanese ecommerce websites and see if you can find something that will help you design the perfect store for your Japanese shoppers.