10 Most Popular Japanese Ecommerce Platforms Similar to Rakuten and Yahoo

Read this article and discover the top 10 most popular Japanese ecommerce platforms where you can sell or shop online!

Let’s face it – online shopping in Japan is quite popular. The best ecommerce marketplaces such as Yahoo and Rakuten are well known to Japanese buyers, however, there are other Japanese online platforms to consider.

In this article, we will present to you some of the most popular Japanese ecommerce platforms that are similar to Rakuten and Yahoo. These platforms are great for selling items online or shopping for some of your favorite products at a great price:

1. Origami: This is a modern, completely optimized, and mobile ecommerce platform focused on improving the traditional online shopping in Japan. The users can follow their favorite brands and receive notifications when new products are available. The users can also share their shopping journey via check-ins or buy at the online store’s virtual or a real location. This marketplace confirms that these check-ins are a very important part of the business model since they act as an effective ad for the brands.

2. Sumally: This is not a typical ecommerce platform buy an ecommerce social network where users can create lists of products they want, own or want to sell. This website is similar to Pinterest. If you want to sell items or promote your brand you can see what items or lists the user create so you can focus more on selling the items users want. The preferences are sometimes shared via Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

3. Muse & Co: This ecommerce site is known as a VIP flash sales website. The Japanese online buyers love a great deal which makes this website perfect for them. The target audience is professional and young women. There are 1000 different brands and over 2000 items on sale. If you are interested in selling and opening your own store, you can check their terms and conditions.

4. iQon: This is not a typical site but an application that allows users to figure out what they want to wear. There are different retailers and when the user finds an outfit he likes, the user can purchase the outfit directly from the retailer.

5. Locondo: This website specializes in selling shoes online. In order to prevent buyers from receiving the wrong pair of shoes, the website delivers three pairs of shoes to each buyer – one size smaller and one size bigger. Once you will find the right fit, you can contact the delivery guy to get the other two pairs of shoes. It is pretty interesting and keeps the customers happy and satisfied.

6. Mercari: This is a pretty successful marketplace for selling second-hand items. The retailers post over 10.000 products each day and there are millions and millions of listings.

7. Moco: The online shopping in Japan is one of the most popular activities. The Japanese online purchasers prefer to find as many products as possible at one place. And for purchasers who find something different, this site has a collection of clothes and everyday items from countries from all over the world.

8. Oh My Glasses: On this website, there are over 400 different brands and over 20.000 glasses to choose from. If the user isn’t satisfied with the product, he can return the glasses within 5 days of delivery (free of charge).

9. Zozotown – This is one of the most popular fashion portals in Japan. The popularity of this site has resulted in creating offshoots of the main business – ZozoUsed is specialized in selling old clothes while Wear is a social network for users to take pictures of themselves and explain what products and brands they are wearing.

10. Fril – This site is mostly used by college-aged and high-school-aged Japanese women. As a seller, you can upload a photo of the item you want to sell and wait for a potential buyer to come.

If you have any other recommendations of ecommerce websites or ecommerce platforms in Japan, feel free to share in the comments below!